Amrita -

Amrita - according to Hindu mythology is the drink of immortality, the nectar of immortality. It was produced by the gods at the churning waters of the World ocean of milk. With Amrita Sanskrit means "immortal".

If you have any questions or offers, please feel free to contact us. may be available for sale.

Some preferences:

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  • Easy remember
  • High percent of direct traffic
  • Wide site reach
  • Competitive advantage
Lands for sale 10,000 sq.m. under production (incl. food production !!!), warehouse, administrative needs.
30 km. from St. Petersburg, a convenient entrance, next to the route to Moscow, Murmansk highway, Cola, +7 (921) 992-12-85.

For sale 30 hectares of land in the property in Tverskaya region, 7 km from lake.